Emergency support

Do you urgently need support for your systems and have nobody to take care of it? Have you had problems recovering from system failure or have you lost important data?

RedBase provides emergency support for such situations. We provide emergency support in terms of data recovery, ongoing issues, environment analysis, debugging and tuning.

We have wide experience in data recovery with many organisations and heterogeneous environments using conventional and unconventional approaches such as:

  • Data recovery from physical backup
  • Data mining and data extraction from corrupted and inconsistent databases
  • Repair of corrupted redo logs
  • Point in time recovery for specific database objects
  • Recovery and remedy of system configurations

Do you have problems with high availability environments such as Oracle Real Application Cluster or Oracle Data Guard? We provide wide range of services and support including:

  • Restore and modification of configuration of your high-availability system solutions (RAC, Oracle Data Guard)
  • Correction of synchronization failures in environments such as Oracle Data Guard, Streams, Golden Gate.

We are always prepared to work with you in case of any database issues regardless of previous cooperation. In critical situations, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time of day.