Database services

Special projects require special skills. If you are looking for Oracle platform specialists, we believe we are the best choice for you. We have 8 years of experience in implementing a wide range of Oracle configurations on a variety of supported platforms.Operations such as installation, configuration, upgrade, patching and the effort required to keep up with the most recent technology information is very challenging. With the rapid growth of IT technology, these operations become very time consuming and require continuous learning and improvement.

Companies can spend a lot of money trying to keep up to date with changes in IT and having to train internal resources. This is often not feasible or effective due to suboptimal use of existing resources, which can threaten your production. This is where our services can help you and become a great asset to you.

All our employees are specialists in their own field and experts in implementing new trends. We ensure that they are trained to the highest current levels. With us you can always be sure that all our deployed solutions are based on the latest knowledge and technology and that they have been proven in practice.In addition to commonly provided solutions, we also focus on High Availability solutions tailored according to customers’ needs. Based on Oracle’s best practices blueprint “Maximum Availability Architecture – MAA”, we implement and configure products such as Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Real Application Cluster, Oracle Streams, full text search by Oracle Text and others.
Services we provide include:


Environment analysis:

  • Review and documentation of current state of database environment with improvement plan creation.
  • Review of Backup and recovery solutions and processes.
  • Analysis of hardware utilization with capacity planning.
  • Risk analysis of the current database architecture in terms of availability, scalability and security.

Consulting Services:

  • Implementing solutions based on previous environment analysis.
  • Support on external or one-time projects.
  • Design of new environment based on business model.
  • Detection and elimination of performance issues.

Database administration:

  • Local or external support of database systems.
  • Implementation of Oracle installation and configuration.
  • Deployment of monitoring and reporting tools.
  • Implementation of High Availability (HA) solutions like Oracle RAC, Clusterware (Active/Passive), Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Streams, RMAN, FlashBack solutions.
  • Patch and upgrade operations.
  • Database safety assurance.
  • Implementation and administration of databases to fit customers’ needs.


  • Security audit.
  • Implementation and configuration of database security monitoring.
  • Implementation and configuration of advanced security tools including Oracle Database Vault, Audit Vault, Transparent Data Encryption, Fine-Grained Auditing, Oracle Advanced Security.
  • Security reporting.


  • Oracle environment migration to new hardware, operating system or new support provider.
  • Assistance, design and implementation of migrations from heterogeneous database systems to Oracle database systems.
  • Transformation of environments to meet best practices for all kind of environments which have wrong or non-current architecture and standards.

Database performance and tuning:

  • Environment performance analysis, documentation of the provisions and defects.
  • Delivering recommendations for Oracle environment performance improvement.
  • SQL tuning.