Database security

With current data growth we can also see increased demand for database security. Two-thirds of sensitive or legislative regulated information is stored in databases and despite this fact database security is often neglected. Conceptual solution of IT security must always start from the source and that is your database.
Whether you need to meet security related legislative requirements or simply want to keep your data safe, we can provide a security audit as well as subsequent implementation of appropriate security measures or specific security solutions.
Oracle offers a broad range of security related products that can help you meet the most demanding requirements concerning database security. Let us support you on design, implementation and configuration of the following solutions:

Oracle Advanced Security

  • compliance with privacy and regulatory mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as numerous breach notification laws
  • transparent encryption of all application data or specific sensitive columns of network traffic without any interference with existing applications

Oracle Audit Vault

  • real-time database audit with secure repository of gathered audit data
  • reporting, analysis and threats detection

Oracle Label Security

  • data classification and access management

Oracle Configuration Management

  • detection of security breach, vulnerability scanning and compliance benchmarking in line with statutory and legislative requirements.

Oracle Secure Backup

  • encryption of sensitive data on backup medium

Oracle Database Firewall

  • real-time SQL injection threats prevention
  • real-time DB activity monitoring (e.g. unauthorized access, privilege or role escalation and other external or internal attacks)
  • not dedicated only to Oracle database – can monitor also other database architectures

Oracle Database Vault

  • access restriction to sensitive data for database users (even for privileged administrators)
  • preventive security measures enforcements on all database levels
  • meeting regulatory requirements (e.g. separation of duty)

Oracle Data Masking

  • masking sensitive production data (e.g. credit card numbers or social security numbers) with realistic values allowing safe production data use in test environment

Oracle Total Recall

  • safe storage of historical data for audit purposes or for user errors prevention